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European Stock Index Price

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About this chart

About this chart

This page includes full information about the European Stock Index, including the European Stock Index live chart and dynamics on the chart by choosing any of 8 available time frames. By moving the start and end of the timeframe in the bottom panel you can see both the current and the historical price movements of the instrument. In addition, you have an opportunity to choose the type of the display of the European Stock Index live chart – Candles or Lines chart – through the buttons in the upper left corner of the chart.All clients that have not yet decided which instrument to trade are in the right place since reading full characteristics of the &Indices_EU and watching its performance on the charts will help them to make their final decision.
It is easy to find any instrument since there is a filter for instrument types, offered by IFC Markets, and once the type is chosen, the list of all instruments can be seen right next to that filter.

European Index Description

The personal composite trading instrument «&Indices_EU» reflects the price dynamics of the portfolio of 3 popular European exchange indexes. The base part of this instrument is composed of 3 contracts on DE30 index (the analogue of DAX), 6 contracts on FR40 index (the analogue of CAC 40) and 3 contracts on GB100 index ( the analogue of FTSE 100). The portfolio is quoted in euros.

Created by professionals for professionals

These instruments are represented by continuous CFDs on respective futures. The asset percentages in the instrument content are set approximately equal on the basis of asset prices in USD on the instrument creation date.

The trading instrument &Indices_EU is used for the analysis and trade of the portfolio of popular European exchange indexes.

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European Stock Index Historical Data

DateOpen priceHighLowPriceChange %
2018-02-219357.139422.149312.999346.63 0.02
2018-02-209327.699344.849327.699344.84 0.27
2018-02-199402.279402.279320.399320.39 0.68
2018-02-169309.489383.369309.489383.36 0
2018-02-169309.489383.369309.489383.36 0
2018-02-169309.489383.369309.489383.36 0.97
2018-02-159297.279297.279292.799292.79 0.08
2018-02-149187.669285.939187.669285.93 1.16
2018-02-139192.129192.129178.689178.68 0.58
2018-02-129193.649231.869193.649231.86 0.99
2018-02-099147.959147.959140.979140.97 0
2018-02-099147.959147.959140.979140.97 0
2018-02-099147.959147.959140.979140.97 0.23
2018-02-089328.209328.209120.339120.33 2.58
2018-02-079312.959354.839312.959354.83 0.63
2018-02-069066.569412.889066.569412.88 2.68
2018-02-059469.399469.399160.649160.64 3.97
2018-02-029729.289729.289523.709523.70 0
2018-02-029729.289729.289523.709523.70 0
2018-02-029729.289729.289523.709523.70 2.11
2018-02-019867.729867.729724.169724.16 1.1
2018-01-319847.539847.539830.259830.25 0.07
2018-01-309870.379870.379836.379836.37 0.77
2018-01-299953.849953.849911.709911.70 0.61
2018-01-269903.549972.029903.549972.02 0
2018-01-269903.549972.029903.549972.02 0
2018-01-269903.549972.029903.549972.02 0.72
2018-01-259947.949947.949900.929900.92 0.61
2018-01-2410032.0210032.029960.579960.57 0.75
2018-01-2310055.2010055.2010034.8110034.81 0.07
2018-01-229974.5710028.529974.5710028.52 0.4

Technical Analysis

Technical analysis is a method of studying and evaluating market dynamics based on the price history. Its main purpose is to forecast price dynamics of a financial instrument in future through technical analysis tools. Technical analysts use this method of market analysis to forecast the prices of different currencies and currency pairs. This type of the analysis will allow you to make right investment decisions and trade more profitable in financial markets.
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