Trade Hog Futures Futures HEJ8 CFD

Futures on Hog Futures HEJ8 (Apr 2018) with first trading day on 12.08.2017 and last trading day on 04.11.2018.

CFD on Hog Futures Futures #F-HEJ8 Trading Conditions

Hog Futures Futures #F-HEJ8 CFD Trading Hours

Week dayTrading hours (CET)Local trading hours
Monday 15:30 — 20:0515:30 — 20:05
Tuesday15:30 — 20:0515:30 — 20:05
Wednesday15:30 — 20:0515:30 — 20:05
Thursday15:30 — 20:0515:30 — 20:05
Friday15:30 — 20:0515:30 — 20:05

Trade Hog Futures Futures HEJ8 CFD

aboutlhog instrument

Pork is an important product for many people's ration. Deals with deliverable futures on Lean Hog are made on the stock exchanges. This futures contract is a cash-settled futures contract the value of which is calculated by weighted average of the prices for Lean Hog of all major US producing regions. Cost and volume data for calculating this index (Lean Hogs Index) is collected by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA).
CFDs on Lean Hog futures #C-LHOG are traded in U.S. dollars per 100lbs (1 lot includes 400 100lbs equivalent pork carcasses).

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