Trade Orange Juice Futures JOF8 CFD

Futures on Orange Juice JOF8 (Jan 2018) with first trading day on 08.28.2017 and last trading day on 12.28.2017.

CFD on Orange Juice Futures #F-JOF8 Trading Conditions

Orange Juice Futures #F-JOF8 CFD Trading Hours

Week dayTrading hours (CET)Local trading hours
Monday 14:00 — 20:0014:00 — 20:00
Tuesday14:00 — 20:0014:00 — 20:00
Wednesday14:00 — 20:0014:00 — 20:00
Thursday14:00 — 20:0014:00 — 20:00
Friday14:00 — 20:0014:00 — 20:00

Trade Orange Juice Futures JOF8 CFD

aboutorange instrument

Orange juice futures (concentrated, frozen) are quite popular soft futures contracts. These futures are traded in the Intercontinental Exchange. They serve as a juice price benchmark and provide provide opportunities for portfolio diversification and hedging. Orange juice futures CFDs are quoted in US dollars per 100 pounds (1 CFD includes 100 pounds, 1 lot contains 150 of 100-lbs equivalent juice packs).

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