Trade Arabica Coffee Futures KCH8 CFD

Futures on Arabica Coffee KCH8 (Mar 2018) with first trading day on 07.17.2017 and last trading day on 02.16.2018.

CFD on Arabica Coffee Futures #F-KCH8 Trading Conditions

Arabica Coffee Futures #F-KCH8 CFD Trading Hours

Week dayTrading hours (CET)Local trading hours
Monday 11:15 — 19:3011:15 — 19:30
Tuesday11:15 — 19:3011:15 — 19:30
Wednesday11:15 — 19:3011:15 — 19:30
Thursday11:15 — 19:3011:15 — 19:30
Friday11:15 — 19:3011:15 — 19:30

Trade Arabica Coffee Futures KCH8 CFD

aboutcoffee instrument

Contracts for Coffee are the world benchmark for Arabica coffee price. The coffee of this variety is cultivated in Latin America, South-East Asia, Oceania. Arabica Coffee futures show the price for coffee from any of 19 producing countries. CFDs on Coffee futures are denominated in US dollars per 100 pounds (1 lot contains 375 100lbs coffee bags).

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