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European Index Description

The personal composite trading instrument «&Indices_EU» reflects the price dynamics of the portfolio of 3 popular European exchange indexes. The base part of this instrument is composed of 3 contracts on DE30 index (the analogue of DAX), 6 contracts on FR40 index (the analogue of CAC 40) and 3 contracts on GB100 index ( the analogue of FTSE 100). The portfolio is quoted in euros.

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These instruments are represented by continuous CFDs on respective futures. The asset percentages in the instrument content are set approximately equal on the basis of asset prices in USD on the instrument creation date.

The trading instrument &Indices_EU is used for the analysis and trade of the portfolio of popular European exchange indexes.

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&Indices_EUAssetVolume / 1 PCIPercentageVolume (USD) / 1 PCIUnit of measurеment
Base part1DE303.000033.68033679.5000contract
Quoted part1EUR10.00012.820012.8200EUR
  • The volume to calculate Swap and 1 pip value
  • The size of 1 pip
  • Margin in USD for the volume and leverage of 1:100
  • 1
  • 0.01
  • 0.19 USD

Creation date

in pips
Order distance
in pips
Swap (long/short) in pips on Vol-16.683 / -16.397-16.683 / -16.397-16.683 / -16.397
>=0.330.00 – 1.07>=0.00
The value of 1 pip in USD for the Vol000
Week dayTrading hours (CET)Local trading hours
Monday 08:00 — 22:00, 00:00 — 24:0008:00 — 22:00, 00:00 — 24:00
Tuesday08:00 — 22:00, 00:00 — 24:0008:00 — 22:00, 00:00 — 24:00
Wednesday08:00 — 22:00, 00:00 — 24:0008:00 — 22:00, 00:00 — 24:00
Thursday08:00 — 22:00, 00:00 — 24:0008:00 — 22:00, 00:00 — 24:00
Friday00:00 — 22:0000:00 — 22:00

This personal trading instrument &Indices_EU is used for the dynamics analysis and trade of the broad portfolio of European stocks, multi-year comparative analysis of the behavior of popular exchange indices, as well as comparing the indices’ dynamics with that of our portfolio. For example, by building a percentage chart in the NetTradeX terminal for three instruments DE30, FR40, GB100 and our index portfolio &Indices_EU (Fig.1), it is evident that during the three year period (2012-2014) the index portfolio as well as the German DE30 and French FR40 indices grew steadily. The British stock index GB100, quoted in pounds, has not been growing for a whole year. Moreover, the German index DE30 is growing at substantially higher rate than other indices.

European Stock Indices

Traders, who specialize in European stocks and want to smooth the price volatility of separate stocks, will be comfortable trading this PCI.

Limit volumes (USD) for base and quoted parts = 100000.00 ; 100.00.

To trade PCI instruments offered exclusively by IFC Markets, you need to open a free account and download the NetTradeX platform.

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