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Trading Opportunities

IFC Markets is a leading brokerage company in Forex and CFD markets, which provides world class services with number of significant and unique advantages. Some of the instruments are exclusive and offered by IFCM only.

500+ Trading instruments - Forex, Stocks, Commodities & Indices

Currencies  Commodities  Stocks
Indices  PCI Library

IFC Markets offers you full range of trading instruments:

  • Forex - Major, Minor and Exotic currency pairs
  • Stocks - Stock CFDs from the most popular Stock Exchanges
  • Precious metals, including unique Gold instruments
  • CFDs on Commodity Futures and Indices
& Much More

Best Execution

Instant Execution
Fixed Spreads

Best execution refers to the duty of a broker executing orders on behalf of customers to ensure the best execution possible for their customers orders [Wikipedia]. And we at IFC Markets take that duty very seriously:

  • Order execution - Instant execution
  • Pricing - tightest fixed spreads
  • Size - trade with any volume size
& Much More

Trading opportunities with Unique GeWorko Method

Analyze, create and
trade with instruments

Our unique GeWorko Method provides trading opportunities:

  • Create your own synthetic instruments from any group and trade with number of instruments
  • Choose ready synthetic instruments created by professionals from our PCI Library
  • Portfolio trading - trading with group of instruments / portfolios
& Much More

Best Trading Platforms - Comfortable & Professional Trading

Best Platforms for FX
& CFD Trading

We offer our own advantanced NetTradeX platform which perfectly fits to professional traders, giving advantages:

  • 500+ trading instruments
  • Order volumes from 0.001 lot
  • Unique features of GeWorko Method: Creation of own instruments, Portfolio Trading, etc.

We also offer the most popular MetaTrader 4 trading platform with WebTerminal, advanced MT5 platform, MultiTerminal and all the other mobile applications.

& Much More

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Most Profitable Partnership Program for Introducing Brokers

UP to $15 per lot

IFC Markets values cooperation and offers the best conditions to its potential partners all over the world:

  • Highest commission rates (up to $15 for a complete turnover of one standard lot - 100 000 units of base currency)
  • Simple program mechanism and quick registration
  • Unique instruments (GeWorko Method, Continuous CFDs) and platform (NetTradeX) to be offered to your clients
  • Full set of partnership materials (widgets, tutorials, presentations, etc.)
& Much More

Reliable Partner for 10 Years - Regulated & Secure

10 years with you, delivering:
Partnership, Trust, Convenience

IFC Markets has been stably operating since 2006 in full compliance with international standards for brokerage services.

IFCM Group companies are regulated and licensed by various international certificates:

  • citycycle. CORP. is regulated and licensed by BVI FS Certificate, Certificate No. SIBA/L/14/1073C.
  • IFCM CYPRUS LIMITED complies with the European Commissions MiFID (Markets in Financial Instruments Directive) and is licensed by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) under the license number 147/11.

IFC Markets holds Professional lndemnity for Financial Institutions Insurance in AIG EUROPE LIMITED.

& Much More

Available Everywhere & Anytime

Qualified online support

We provide world class services and online support in different locations across the globe:

  • Qualified online support in 18 languages
  • 24 hours a day
  • Our website operates with 23 regional domain locations

Continuous CFDs

Continuous Futures CFD
on Commodities and Indices

IFC markets offers an opportunity to trade Continuous Commodity and Index CFDs, which are calculated continuously without expiration dates on the basis of the nearest liquid futures by unique algorithm. Upon occurrence of the expiration date of the current base future the price of our continuous CFD does not make any gap or sharp movement.

& Much More

Best Swaps - Position Rollover at Interbank Rates

0 Swaps on Islamic Accounts
  • For Swap calculation our company uses interbank rates, which reflect live streaming terms of borrowing.
  • We provide preferential swaps for non-currency instruments and zero swaps for Islamic accounts.
& Much More

Program Trading

NettradeX, MetaTrader4 and MetaTrader5

To create expert advisors our clients can take advantage of simple built-in programming languages NTL+ (for NetTradeX platform), MQL4 (for MT4 platform) and MQL5 (for MT5 platform). Numerous MT4 advisors can be adapted for using in NetTradeX.

& Much More

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